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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Pinus pinea shoot

You Would Have Never Guessed Right

1. Pines are evergreen coniferous trees that can be found throughout the world

2. Their needles are considered to be the so-shaped leaves.

3. They live long to the age of 100 years old or more.

4. There are about 100 or so species of pines worldwide.

5. Pines trees are valuable for their timber and wood pulp production.

6. Pine trees prefer much straight sun but require little water during their full grown stages.

7. Pine cones are produced for propagation of species.

8. Pine seeds from the cones are loved by such wildlife creatures as birds and squirrels which then spread seed leftovers throughout. This is how a new pine tree appears.

Moreover, pine trees look amazingly attractive in the winter landscape as their green or dark green needles contrast sharply with white and dull winter landscape. Many people like pine trees for their pleasant smell.

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