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Sunday, 26 August 2012

DOCO-the Stealer

In September 2011 the computer experts of Cryptography and System Security Laboratory in Budapest (Hangry) created a very fatal and spy or rather I may say stealer virus named as DOCO based upon a zero-day of windows. It enters the computer hides there and stays their  until it is ordered to perform its actions it doesn’t work like Stuxnet which starts operating as it enters the computer’s system. Till now the GREAT had created two more virus programs naming Gauss and Flame other than Stuxnet and Doco. The last in the list is also known as “the all Stealer Trugen”. It also had a valid and certified stolen Signature. It was basically designed to steal the commands which operate the industrial machines. It also had ability to format and to erase the Hard Disc. It was coded not to work from Friday evening to Saturday evening the day sacred to Jews. But it is interesting to know that along with Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan and Pakistan which were basically targets it also affected many computers in Israel showing the international political trends. This virus has affected uncountable computers

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