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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

U.S. Heat Wave-Sandy Affecting 100 Million

According to CNN-Large swaths of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic dug out Saturday hours after killer thunderstorms barreled through, a recovery made more complicated  and dangerous  by intense summer heat.At least 12 people, from Ohio to New Jersey, were killed as a result of downed trees and power lines. The destruction prompted the governors of Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio to declare states of emergency, with Maryland indicating it would do the same."This is on par with Hurricane Irene," said Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, referring to last year's storm that was blamed for at least 20 deaths across eight states.Neighboring Virginia was particularly hard hit, with six deaths. At one point, the Old Dominion State had about 1 million power outages -- more than any other state and, according to its governor, the most caused by any weather event that wasn't a hurricane."This is not a one-day situation; it is a multi-day challenge," Gov. Bob McDonnell said.Joseph Rigby, president of the electric company Pepco, said it could be a week before power is back up in some areas of Washington."Given the damage, you can understand this is going to take some time," he said. "The wild card is the weather."
The storms raced east Friday and into Saturday from Indiana through Ohio and into West Virginia and the nation's capital, carrying winds gusting as strong as 80 miles per hour.They left behind hundreds of downed power lines and trees that littered roads and damaged homes."This was a storm that obviously came upon us very quickly, without a great deal of notice, and the devastation that was caused is very significant," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said, noting there's a particular need for fuel, generators and communications equipment in light of the storms.Nearly 4 million people were without power across the affected states at one point Saturday, a number that dropped by the end of the night to around 3 million.Those killed included two cousins in New Jersey, ages 2 and 7, who'd huddled with their families in a tent in Parvin State Park when strong winds felled a pine tree, crushing them. Their relatives all survived relatively unscathed, said Larry Ragonese, a spokesman for New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wow-Amazing Fall

Wow-Amazing Fall

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beautiful Quote

Beautiful Quote


Awesome cauterization of sun with glassws 

Mountain Man-Dashrath Manjhi

This Story started when Dashrath Manjhi's wife Falguni Devi died due to lack of medical treatment as in that area the nearest treatment center was almost 70km from his area that was basically a village.after her death Dashrath Manjhi didn't mourn but he made a strange decision. He decided to carve a 360 feet long and 25 feet wide and 30 feet high passage through Mountain-Gehlour which could reduce the distance of 70km to just 1km. This was to be done from Atri and Wazirgang (his village) to blocks of Gaya-District (nearest town).He started this unbelievable work with a hammer, chisel and nails and in nearly about 22 years (1960-1982) this was actually done bringing him international fame and an honorable "Mountain Man".

Friday, 26 October 2012

I Hope You Understand

I Hope You Understand

US Moral Values-an Incident

“NEW YORK (Reuters) - A mother returned home to her luxury New York City apartment on Thursday to find two of her young children stabbed to death in the bathtub, and the family's nanny was arrested as the suspect in the killings, police said. The mother discovered the bodies of the little boy and girl at about 5:30 p.m. in their apartment at 57 West 75th Street, near Central Park, on Manhattan's affluent Upper West Side, police said. New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said the children suffered "multiple stab wounds," and were pronounced dead at the scene, he said. The nanny was lying on the bathroom floor and had stabbed herself in the neck, police said. A bloody kitchen knife lay on the floor nearby, police said. The 50-year-old nanny, who was not identified, was taken to a nearby hospital and was under arrest, police said”.
This incident shows the real situation and frustration prevailing in US-Society which claims to be the most educated and peaceful society on earth. If this incident would have happened in any other country especially some Muslim country it was to be taken as violation of basic human rights and the society was blamed as savage and terrorist. But as it was American incident no media no human right organization would take notice of it and it seems a usual incident. United Nation should also take notice of this sad event as it took a spontaneous notice on “Malala-Case”. But I think Americans have no rights of this kind and they live in a savage society where there are no basic rights and Murdering is a quite usual for Americans.

Foreign Policy-US Election 2012

As it is clear from the scenario that the American foreign policy machine, its armed forces, is in the middle of a so-called “pivot” toward Asia. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton intend to increase their focus on trade, relationships and potential conflicts in Asia while maintaining trying to maintain the vitality of NATO  November’s winner will have to deal with the Euro zone crisis, ever-present tensions in East Asia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and continuing repercussions from the Arab Spring, including Syria’s civil war. However, as with defence, foreign policy questions will likely fall by the wayside this fall as the candidates focus on the struggling economy.
Obama About Foreign Policy 
 Obama began his presidency with plans to rehabilitate the damaged brand of American foreign policy through engagement with all parties on given issues. This has included the “Reset with Russia”, which yielded the New Start treaty to reduce nuclear weapons stockpiles. However, talks with Iran deteriorated quickly into further sanctions, US-China relations have not visibly improved, and the Arab Spring remains beyond American control. Obama’s pragmatic foreign policy has generally been well-reviewed, and he is still well-liked around the world.
Romney About Foreign Policy 
 Romney’s foreign policy experience is limited and many of his positions involve simply being more forceful than his Democratic opponent. In his few statements on foreign affairs, he has criticized the pivot to Asia as an abandonment of NATO. He has also called Obama weak on Iran, Russia and China, and a poor friend to Israel, while offering few specifics on what he would do differently. Foreign policy is not a vote winner and Romney has instead focused his time on criticizing Obama's economic performance.

Health Policies-US Elections-2012

The President’s attempt to increase health insurance coverage is known as The Affordable Care Act - better known as “Obama-care” reducing the overall costs to both government and the public. It consists of an expansion of Medicaid (subsidized insurance for the poor), several patient protection provisions, and the mandate that requires all Americans to have health insurance, or face a tax penalty.
Obama on Healthcare 
 Obama-care is the single biggest legislative achievement of Obama’s presidency, but its value as part of a campaign platform is not very clear but questionable. The US Supreme Court ruled that the law was mostly constitutional, but Americans have never warmed to the law as a whole. Despite this, they approve of most of the law’s specific measures, including preventing denial of coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. The President has embraced the term “Obama-care” on the campaign trail, saying it: “Proves I do care”.
Romney on Healthcare 
 The Republican platform is defined by its opposition to Obama-care - the tagline is “Repeal and Replace.” Romney is in a difficult position, as his own healthcare reforms in Massachusetts - known as “Romney-care” - were very similar to Obama’s. Romney has moved carefully so far, calling for some changes in federal regulations but giving few clues about what he would put in place of Obama's law. Slipped in at the bottom of his platform is tort reform - a Republican holy grail of healthcare policy that would limit the scope for malpractice suits against doctors and America's medical industry.

Social Issues-US Election-2012

There are lot of Social-Issues in American society to be resolved such as abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and Illegal-Immigration are really hard to decide as  this year have been largely overshadowed by the economy related problems. But the debate has been given new vigour by the Obama decision to support Gay-Marriage and Democrat attempts to use abortion as a tool to drive independent voters away from the Republicans.
Obama on Social Issues
 Obama in recent months has taken considerably distinct and new positions on some of the social issues. He has blamed the Republicans for a “War on Women,” called for legalizing same-sex marriage for the first time, and declared that he would stop deportations of immigrants who were brought to the US as children. While the Democrats has always held a polling advantage among women, the LGBT community, and Latino voters, these moves are meant to extend these leads and mobilize the base to get to better polls.
Romney on Social Issues 
 Romney passes most of the standard social-issues tests for a Republican candidate, in favour of state-level restriction on abortion and traditional marriage. As a result, he’s been caught on his back foot dealing with Obama’s recent activity on these issues. Romney got no traction trying to reverse the “War on Women” into an issue of women’s employment in a bad economy. He’s expressed sympathy with the plight of illegal immigrants while opposing Obama’s immigration move, calling it an abuse of executive power. Romney will need to close the gap among women and Hispanics, groups whose turnout could make a huge difference in several swing states.

National Defence-US Election-2012

Discussion about National Defence upon a set of abrupt massive automatic cuts to defence and other domestic spending. He who knows either he is  Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta or Republican members of Congress or some military officials, says that Sequesters $500 billion in additional defence cuts would be very dangerous for the US military and National Security. But as it is evident that the focus is on the economy and defence policy is not assumed to be a prominent issue in these next elections.
Obama’s Views on Defence 
 Obama is much willing to cut defence expenses in his pursuit of a more balanced budget. He already has introduced $487 billion in cuts for the Department of Defence for the next 10 years, mostly by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The budget changes also reflect a part of the administration’s “pivot” toward Asia. Obama ordered and closely supervised the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, insulating him from traditional conservative attacks on Democrats as weak on national security. Obama’s increased use of drone strikes in counter-terror operations is controversial in some scholarly circles and in Pakistan, but not among the general public of America.
Romney’s View on Defence 
 In contrast to Obama’s “pivot” toward Asia, Romney has emphasized the importance of America’s traditional allies, especially Britain and Israel. Despite his aggressive attacks on the size of the deficit, he has also pledged to increase defence spending. He has criticized the Obama administration’s approach to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, pledging to do more than the President has to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Beautiful and Strange Fish

Beautiful and Strange Fish

US Election 2012-Views on Economy

In the previous term of Barack Obama t he US economy is in a mode of frustratingly slow recovery,   with an uncharacteristically threat of high unemployment rate of around 8 per cent. Being impatient for the revival of economy and its growth, now Americans have begun to question the policies and role of government in its recovery. A wave of pro-austerity “Tea Party “Republicans elected in 2010 helped bring legislative activity to a grinding halt, nearly resulting in a US debt default. But the Tea Party did succeed in shifting the debate: now neither party can talk about the economy without also talking about Deficit Reduction. Fast approaching is January’s “Fiscal Cliff,” during which the Bush-era tax cuts will finally expire and the “sequester” emergency debt deal will cut $110 billion from the 2013 federal budget. Economists worry that if this cliff is not avoided, the combined strain of budget cuts and new taxes will cause a New Recession.
Obama’s Stance at the economy 
The President Obama must now defend an economic platform as he was never able to fully implement his economic policies. His economic stance is a combination of tax increases for the wealthy, closing tax loopholes and modest budget cuts. Obama rejected the recommendations of his Bipartisan Debt Commission, unwilling to make proposed cuts to welfare programs.
Romney’s Stance at the economy 
Romney is following the conservative concept of his party, advocating instead for lower taxes, closing tax loopholes, and much greater cuts to the largest government programs. He has tentatively endorsed the budget of his running mate Paul Ryan, but Romney’s own plan remains blurred  and he has not specified where the axe will fall. The Republican nominee has tried to tout his success in business as proof that he knows how to fire up the economy.

Strange Fish

Add captionGod has created uncountable creatures on earth, in air and in the sea. Their structures and shapes are unique and  naturally astonishing proving the presence of God Almighty and His power of creation, His authentication and Diversity of Creatures.

Monday, 22 October 2012

USA Presidency Election-2012

Poll Results for US Election 2012-Minnesota State 
Poll Results for US Election 2012-Mississippi State 
The Election-2012 are getting more and more clear as it gets nearer and nearer and the candidate positions are becoming visible. In Minnesota Barack Obama is in the leading position and Mitt Romney is in hot pursuit like many other state whereas in Mississippi Newt Gingrich is ahead all the candidates and here too Mitt Romney is in the second position. For more Poll results keep visiting  :

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Glimpses of Series Between World-XI and Pakistan-XI

Glimpses of Series Between World-XI and Pakistan-XI
Glimpses of Series Between World-XI and Pakistan-XI
Glimpses of Series Between World-XI and Pakistan-XI
Glimpses of Series Between World-XI and Pakistan-XI
Glimpses of Series Between World-XI and Pakistan-XI
The Series between World-XI and Pakistan-XI is a sense of freshness in the present condition of Pakistan where no team is willing to come to the country for many years. The series will become an initiative of the revival of games in the country and will develop an atmosphere of confidence for the games. World-XI has taken a positive step in this regard.

Perfect Timing Photo

Perfect Timing Photo

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Salt Factory on the way

US President Election-2012 Poll-Results for Indiana & Iowa

Poll Results for President Election 2012-Indiana
Poll Results for President Election 2012-Iowa
In the above two states i.e Indiana State and Iowa State we can observe that Barack Obama has match to none as the position of Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in US Election doesn't seem that strong challenging Obama's position. If it was the day to decide the next president to me it would have been Obama. But this is not to be decided by only these two states. So wait and see till the election 2012. For more detail keep visiting Talat's Blogat:at:

Presidency Election 2012 poll in Hawaii & Illinios

The polls done by reputed agencies in Hawaii State and Illinois State shows the comparison between the two top contestants in upcoming elections. The stats depict the popularity of the both. Barack Obama is leading the race by a reasonable margin and making the situation clear about result. Mitt Romney whereas can breakthrough and can make upset in the competition if he steadily keeps on growing. The collective result in the two states head to head contest. For more details keep visiting: or it can also be seen at:
Poll-Result US Election-2012-Hawaii

Poll-Result US Election-2012-Illinios

US Election-2012 State-Wise-Poll position

US Election Polls- Florida

US Election Polls- Georgia

US Election Polls-Connecticut

In Connecticut State as table depicts Barack Obama is in a great position to win election over Republican's M. Romney. All above Polling Agencies i.e. Siena College Research Institute, Rasmussen Reports, Quinnipiac University show the lead of Democrats, they are well ahead in the current situation. For more Poll detail keep visiting or go to

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Give way

Give way

Poll-Results Colorado-US Election-2012

Colorado State is an important stack-holder state in US Political System.Mitt Romney is a strong candidate in this region of the country as you can assess by the table in above. Barack Obama seems to be legging behind a bit by traces in this state.The remaining contestants are nowhere near them. This is a One to One competition between Republicans & Democrats. For more and objective analysis keep visiting: or for Polls visit at: