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Friday, 26 October 2012

National Defence-US Election-2012

Discussion about National Defence upon a set of abrupt massive automatic cuts to defence and other domestic spending. He who knows either he is  Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta or Republican members of Congress or some military officials, says that Sequesters $500 billion in additional defence cuts would be very dangerous for the US military and National Security. But as it is evident that the focus is on the economy and defence policy is not assumed to be a prominent issue in these next elections.
Obama’s Views on Defence 
 Obama is much willing to cut defence expenses in his pursuit of a more balanced budget. He already has introduced $487 billion in cuts for the Department of Defence for the next 10 years, mostly by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The budget changes also reflect a part of the administration’s “pivot” toward Asia. Obama ordered and closely supervised the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, insulating him from traditional conservative attacks on Democrats as weak on national security. Obama’s increased use of drone strikes in counter-terror operations is controversial in some scholarly circles and in Pakistan, but not among the general public of America.
Romney’s View on Defence 
 In contrast to Obama’s “pivot” toward Asia, Romney has emphasized the importance of America’s traditional allies, especially Britain and Israel. Despite his aggressive attacks on the size of the deficit, he has also pledged to increase defence spending. He has criticized the Obama administration’s approach to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, pledging to do more than the President has to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

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