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Friday, 26 October 2012

Social Issues-US Election-2012

There are lot of Social-Issues in American society to be resolved such as abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and Illegal-Immigration are really hard to decide as  this year have been largely overshadowed by the economy related problems. But the debate has been given new vigour by the Obama decision to support Gay-Marriage and Democrat attempts to use abortion as a tool to drive independent voters away from the Republicans.
Obama on Social Issues
 Obama in recent months has taken considerably distinct and new positions on some of the social issues. He has blamed the Republicans for a “War on Women,” called for legalizing same-sex marriage for the first time, and declared that he would stop deportations of immigrants who were brought to the US as children. While the Democrats has always held a polling advantage among women, the LGBT community, and Latino voters, these moves are meant to extend these leads and mobilize the base to get to better polls.
Romney on Social Issues 
 Romney passes most of the standard social-issues tests for a Republican candidate, in favour of state-level restriction on abortion and traditional marriage. As a result, he’s been caught on his back foot dealing with Obama’s recent activity on these issues. Romney got no traction trying to reverse the “War on Women” into an issue of women’s employment in a bad economy. He’s expressed sympathy with the plight of illegal immigrants while opposing Obama’s immigration move, calling it an abuse of executive power. Romney will need to close the gap among women and Hispanics, groups whose turnout could make a huge difference in several swing states.

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