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Monday, 30 July 2012

Kingdom in England

In England kingdom has a long history. It started in 9th century by King “Egbert” an Anglo-Saxon king. Once it had been absolute and powerful. England has seen the absolute Prerogative and authoritative kings like Charles-II, , Charles-V, Charles-VI, Henry-I, Henry-IV, Henry-VII, and Henry-VIII. But now-a-days it is said that king can do no wrong justifying his limitations and authority. In 1215 an agreement “Magna Carta” was signed between King John and Land-lords by which the power and authority of king was lessened. Then in 1688 England faced a revolution which actually started the constitutional kingdom in England. These days Queen Elizabeth of Windsor family is in the palace who inaugurated London Olympics 2010 a few days ago. A lot of quotes are about king in England eg:
The king can do no wrong
The king is dead, Long live the king
“Here lies a great and mighty king,
Whose promise none relies on,
Who never said a foolish thing,
Nor ever did a wise one”

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

London Olympics 2012

                It is very amazing to know the facts about the construction for “Olympic Games” 2012. It started with the announcement of conducting the “Olympic Games” for the third time in London on July 6, 2005. A vast area of 200 hectors was selected which was basically industrial area and had lot of oil, petrol, acids, sulpher etc. approximately one million cubic feet. All this was replaced by fertile soil. Plantation was done on a large scale. All the land was covered with grass and trees almost 4000 in number were planted too. About 220 buildings were also demolished for this purpose. Almost 98 percent of the material was used again after recycling process which in the beginning was estimated as 90 percent. It is the largest city park built in 150 years of history of London. After Olympics this park will be named as “Queen Elizabeth Olympics Park”. Different games will be played in different buildings which are Aquatics Centre, Basket-Ball Arena, Central Olympics Stadium, London Value Park, River-Bank Arena, and Water-Polo Arena. Central Olympics Stadium hosts the “Inaugural” and “Closing” ceremonies having capacity of 80000 spectators

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

NATO Supply and Pak-American Relations Part-2

          Pakistan is in critical condition already and this protest can enhance its worries and problems in its so-called war-on-terror. Our political condition is also in miserable stage and the government is in a fix to decide the road-map to settle this issue. As I assume the American apology has made the situation a bit relaxed otherwise they’d have threatened us by accusing of providing shelter to their worst enemy Osama Bin Ladin for whole seven years.

           In this situation I may suggest that we should handle this matter very tactfully and wisely because in both conditions that either we support America or abandon the support has its own complications. I may quote Turkey in this regard whose forces are in the allied forces yet the country-matters are not put behind and Sovereignty of the country must not be risked.

 All the suggestions and thoughts are totally private they may not cohere with others ideas.

NATO Supply and Pak-American Relations Part-1

                Afghanistan is a land-locked country no supply is possible without the help of neighboring countries. According to  we (Pakistan) are bound to give passage to NATO supply as we are also in the allied forces whatsoever the government in Afghanistan is we have to abide the UN-resolution in order to make our promises fulfilled.
            Friendly-fire is a term now a days used frequently as this may be called an era of wars. We also observed this phenomenon in the incident of “Slala-Check post” on 26 November 2011 where 26 army soldiers were killed by American soldiers which they claimed a mistake and were not apologizing earlier but now as we know the American officials have apologized for the incidence and our government allowed NATO containers to pass through. This allowance has raised many issues in our national politics and society. Pakistan Defense Council has been formed to stop this supply by the non-state forces. The council is demanding to cut the supply line and the abandon American support they have arranged a long-march in this context, and threatened the government that they’d do it by force. This situation is not suitable for us and  for America.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

ذوالفقاراحسن کی تازہ غزل

      Poetry  no doubt is a supreme way of expressing one's own ideas and thinking.In modern era lots of poets have emerged on the  litrary scene which have remarkably produced stirring in the litrary world.Realism is prominent factor of today's litrature inspite of fantacy and romance practised in the history.
      Out of these fresh and attracting voices one prominent voice is "Zulqar Ahsan" the realistic and inspiring poet of the era. He has not only revealed pains of modern era but also he is a poet of "optimism".He describes the today's sorrows,pains,tensions,poverty,as well as happines,pleasures and hope in such a way that his poetry can be quoted as an ambasseder of the present era and the man in future could dipict the situation of the prevailing conditions by reding his verse.A verse in a fresh mood by  "Zulqar Ahsan" is a good as example in this regard