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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

ذوالفقاراحسن کی تازہ غزل

      Poetry  no doubt is a supreme way of expressing one's own ideas and thinking.In modern era lots of poets have emerged on the  litrary scene which have remarkably produced stirring in the litrary world.Realism is prominent factor of today's litrature inspite of fantacy and romance practised in the history.
      Out of these fresh and attracting voices one prominent voice is "Zulqar Ahsan" the realistic and inspiring poet of the era. He has not only revealed pains of modern era but also he is a poet of "optimism".He describes the today's sorrows,pains,tensions,poverty,as well as happines,pleasures and hope in such a way that his poetry can be quoted as an ambasseder of the present era and the man in future could dipict the situation of the prevailing conditions by reding his verse.A verse in a fresh mood by  "Zulqar Ahsan" is a good as example in this regard