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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

NATO Supply and Pak-American Relations Part-1

                Afghanistan is a land-locked country no supply is possible without the help of neighboring countries. According to  we (Pakistan) are bound to give passage to NATO supply as we are also in the allied forces whatsoever the government in Afghanistan is we have to abide the UN-resolution in order to make our promises fulfilled.
            Friendly-fire is a term now a days used frequently as this may be called an era of wars. We also observed this phenomenon in the incident of “Slala-Check post” on 26 November 2011 where 26 army soldiers were killed by American soldiers which they claimed a mistake and were not apologizing earlier but now as we know the American officials have apologized for the incidence and our government allowed NATO containers to pass through. This allowance has raised many issues in our national politics and society. Pakistan Defense Council has been formed to stop this supply by the non-state forces. The council is demanding to cut the supply line and the abandon American support they have arranged a long-march in this context, and threatened the government that they’d do it by force. This situation is not suitable for us and  for America.