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Monday, 30 July 2012

Kingdom in England

In England kingdom has a long history. It started in 9th century by King “Egbert” an Anglo-Saxon king. Once it had been absolute and powerful. England has seen the absolute Prerogative and authoritative kings like Charles-II, , Charles-V, Charles-VI, Henry-I, Henry-IV, Henry-VII, and Henry-VIII. But now-a-days it is said that king can do no wrong justifying his limitations and authority. In 1215 an agreement “Magna Carta” was signed between King John and Land-lords by which the power and authority of king was lessened. Then in 1688 England faced a revolution which actually started the constitutional kingdom in England. These days Queen Elizabeth of Windsor family is in the palace who inaugurated London Olympics 2010 a few days ago. A lot of quotes are about king in England eg:
The king can do no wrong
The king is dead, Long live the king
“Here lies a great and mighty king,
Whose promise none relies on,
Who never said a foolish thing,
Nor ever did a wise one”

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