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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

London Olympics 2012

                It is very amazing to know the facts about the construction for “Olympic Games” 2012. It started with the announcement of conducting the “Olympic Games” for the third time in London on July 6, 2005. A vast area of 200 hectors was selected which was basically industrial area and had lot of oil, petrol, acids, sulpher etc. approximately one million cubic feet. All this was replaced by fertile soil. Plantation was done on a large scale. All the land was covered with grass and trees almost 4000 in number were planted too. About 220 buildings were also demolished for this purpose. Almost 98 percent of the material was used again after recycling process which in the beginning was estimated as 90 percent. It is the largest city park built in 150 years of history of London. After Olympics this park will be named as “Queen Elizabeth Olympics Park”. Different games will be played in different buildings which are Aquatics Centre, Basket-Ball Arena, Central Olympics Stadium, London Value Park, River-Bank Arena, and Water-Polo Arena. Central Olympics Stadium hosts the “Inaugural” and “Closing” ceremonies having capacity of 80000 spectators

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