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Friday, 26 October 2012

US Moral Values-an Incident

“NEW YORK (Reuters) - A mother returned home to her luxury New York City apartment on Thursday to find two of her young children stabbed to death in the bathtub, and the family's nanny was arrested as the suspect in the killings, police said. The mother discovered the bodies of the little boy and girl at about 5:30 p.m. in their apartment at 57 West 75th Street, near Central Park, on Manhattan's affluent Upper West Side, police said. New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said the children suffered "multiple stab wounds," and were pronounced dead at the scene, he said. The nanny was lying on the bathroom floor and had stabbed herself in the neck, police said. A bloody kitchen knife lay on the floor nearby, police said. The 50-year-old nanny, who was not identified, was taken to a nearby hospital and was under arrest, police said”.
This incident shows the real situation and frustration prevailing in US-Society which claims to be the most educated and peaceful society on earth. If this incident would have happened in any other country especially some Muslim country it was to be taken as violation of basic human rights and the society was blamed as savage and terrorist. But as it was American incident no media no human right organization would take notice of it and it seems a usual incident. United Nation should also take notice of this sad event as it took a spontaneous notice on “Malala-Case”. But I think Americans have no rights of this kind and they live in a savage society where there are no basic rights and Murdering is a quite usual for Americans.


  1. this is reality American society is really corrupt

  2. Zulfiqar, it is well known on West that Muslim countries have very low step of murders, and that US have relatively high step - higher than Europe, but lower than say Russia, Africa and South America.