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Monday, 27 August 2012

Flame-The Most Complex Virus

Another very complex virus introduced by GREAT the team having experts from America and Israel was Flame it consisted on many modules, it was very heavy program consisting on 20MB whereas Stuxnet was only 500KB in size. Its complexity can be not be guessed till now. It took one year to understand Stuxnet but Flame can take many years or so. It spreads by Local-Networks, Internet, and USB. It enters in computer by parts the first 6MB hits the Central Unit and its different parts attack the different sectors of computers. For example its one part takes screenshots. It takes screenshots after every 15seconds when some user opens Communication Soft-wares like messengers, outlook etc. but it took 60seconds while using other programs. When it finds some desired computer the other parts are sent to that computer as per requirement which worked as a spy for its senders. It could record voices, store numbers and other informations. It’s one part scans the computers and attached machines as it is directed. It was designed so that it could not spread in all computers but only targeted ones. It also had KILL Command to delete any program. It also had stolen and certified Signature to cheat antivirus programs. 

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