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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Gauss the Financial Spy Virus

The virus programs are increasing every day and the internet world is becoming more and more unsafe day by day. There is a long list of such programs which are meant to destroy and spy common computers connected to internet. The virus naming Gauss virus was detected on 8-August 2012. It was designed to steal username, passwords and other data from internet browsers. It also sent system configuration to its owners which were responsible for banking system. Some experts claim that it was especially designed to spy the financial matters of militant groups. Its one part named “Godal” could destroy banks and industrial organizations. It seems that in the net times there will be no real war but the world would have Cyber-Wars which appear to be started. Security firms Kaspersky Lab and CrySys have launched free online tools that identify the Gauss virus by hunting for a particular font installed on victims' computers. Gauss, the virus infecting Middle Eastern banks and businesses that was discovered by Russia's Kaspersky Lab in June 2012 as part of an ongoing investigation by the International Telecommunication Union, automatically installs a unique custom font named Palida Narrow on infected systems

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