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Saturday, 25 August 2012

History and Logo of Paralympics-1984

The 1984 Summer Paralympics (branded as the 1984 International Games for the Disabled) were the seventh Paralympic Games to be held. They were held in two separate locations, Stoke MandevilleUnited Kingdom (wheelchair athletes with spinal cord injuries) and in the Mitchel Athletic Complex and Hofstra University in Long Island, New York,United States of America (wheelchair and ambulatory athletes with cerebral palsy, amputees, and les autres (the others) conditions as well as blind and visually impaired athletes). Stoke Mandeville had been the location of the Stoke Mandeville Games from 1948 onwards, seen as the precursors to the Paralympic Games. Like the 1984 Summer Olympics, the Soviet Union and other communist countries except China boycotted the Games.
The 1984 Summer Paralympics were originally intended to be hosted by the University of Illinois. However, due to financial issues faced by the university it pulled out of hosting the Games three months before they were set to begin. On short notice, Long Island and Stoke Mandeville took up the task of hosting the Games.
These were the last Summer Paralympics not held in the venues of the Summer Olympic Games.

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