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Sunday, 12 August 2012

London Olympics-2012 A Happy Ending (12-August)

London Olympics-2012 with all its excitement, thrill and controversies has reached to its end finally. All nations participating did their best to seek more and more medals for their country but there are only top three ranking in all and with some individual achievements that are to be highlighted. As we see China sweeps Table Tennis and Badminton. Mexico changes the history. Many individual also setting new records such as Usain Bolt getting 3-medals for second time in Olympian history, Michael Phelps earning 6Gold-Medals set a record of maximum individual performance. On the other hand there are many countries which could not get any medal like we have Pakistan. In boxing medal-fixing and Russia blames GBR for medal- corruption using unfair means and political-pressure has also been in air.  But all these are part of the game as we know. USA loots the party by getting 104-medals with 46-Gold, 29-Silver and 29-Bronze. China after dominating for 1st five days or so could not achieve the highest rank though sweeping many games manages to get 87-medals(38-Gold 27-Silver 22- Bronze)and England with a very slow start manages to reach 3rd position having total65-medals including 29-Gold, 27-Silver and 19-Bronze.
Medal table of first 10 position by Talat's Blog

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