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Friday, 10 August 2012

London Olympics-2012 on 10-August (A Review)

With the passage of every day the battle-for-medals is getting in decisive mode settling all competitors on their deserving position. If we take a look at previous history of Olympics for instance we may consider Beijing-Olympics-2008 we find the four teams which have been dominating Olympics are USA, China, GBR and Russia. In these Olympics we also see these teams again are in a position to win first 3-position. In the games played on 10-August Russia won the 4th consecutive gold-medal in Synchronized-swimming, Maris Strombergs of Latvia successfully defended his gold in men’s BMX-Cycling, in women’s BMX-Cycling Columbian Mariana Pajon won gold, Oussama Mellouli of Tunisia won gold in men’s 10Km-Marathon Swimming, Usain Bolt defended his gold in 200m-Race also, Germany wins men’s Beach-Volleyball and Jade Jones won 1st gold in Taekwondo for GBR.
USA is at the top with 41-Gold medals, China in 2nd position with 37-Gold Medals and GBR wins 3rd position with 25-Gold Medals till now. On the last day 32- Medals fight is remaining in the Olympian-Basket. Let’s see which nation gets what. For daily updates keep reading Talat’s Blog. 

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