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Sunday, 12 August 2012

London Olympics-Mexico Men’s Football Champion

Greatest upset in the Olympics happened when Mexico defeated the heart favorite and a giant in football the great Brazil which has been 5-times world champion. But in Olympics the Brazil has been very unlucky as it has never won the Olympian title.
As the match started Oribe Peralta scored a goal in the very first minute and got moral edge over Brazilian team for his team which was lately equalized by the opponent side. This equation remained nearly till the end but in the last moments Oribe Peralta scored another goal for their surprise which proved a decisive goal and hence Mexico surprisingly defeated a Giant. In the end the match with 2-1 stats was in favor of Mexican team wining first Gold-Medal in these Olympics for their country.

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  1. Olympic money too little for the world class young brazilians, so why bother? Mexico can boast but in reality they know Brazil can create 10 Olympic teams capable of beating mexico!