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Monday, 13 August 2012

Pakistan-A Nation with Great Qualities (14-August, 2012)

In the previous century or I may say in the previous known history of mankind very few nations have emerged on the scene on the basis of some Ideology. Present two nations are Pakistan and a vicious state Israel. Pakistan is a great nation with immense qualities in every walk of life we see on daily basis people scoring high score in education not only nationally but also internationally Mueen Ali Nawazish, Irfah Kareem, Shafay Thubani are example in this regard. Recently a debate is won by Pakistani student group on Guanta Namo Bay. Artists in every field are not less than any Sadqain, Gul Gee, Badar Artist are internationally famous. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman a great scientist and research scholar who is published in famous-science journal “The Nature” on demand. Dr. Abdul-Qadeer needs no introduction. These examples are  just quoted to let realize that we are less to none we have potential in every field. Looking these qualities our enemies are planning day and night how to de-track the nation by all means. We have been entangled in non-issues and wars since the creation of this nation. Allah will bless this country and guard it with his own powers I believe.

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