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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paralympics-2012 in London

The greatest Olympics for disables is starting in London on 29 August 29, 2012 and will last for 11 days. Almost 150 countries are participating with more than 4000 athletes. There will be 471 competitions for hundreds of medals. More than 2 million tickets have been sold for the different venues and games.64 years ago when first time these Olympics were started in Mandeville Stoke only 16 retired soldiers took part in it. The purpose of these games was to encourage the disable persons and also to create awareness and to change the attitude of the common people about them. Pakistani paralympian Haider Ali in 2008 won first ever gold medal for his country in long jump. After 11 days of colorful and thrilling games and events it will end with glorious closing ceremony on September 9, 2012.for daily updates keep reading Talat's Blog.

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