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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Anti-Western Protests Exceeding in All Muslim World

The ever-growing violent protests affecting the Islamic world over an anti-Muslim film hit London yesterday. The film was apparently produced by a Coptic Christian living in California, using funds raised by radical American evangelicals and Egyptian Coptic Christians. Clips were shown on Arab television which provoked outrage, including the US ambassador murder in Libya on Tuesday.Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State has made clear that ‘the United States government had absolutely nothing to do’ with the video. British diplomats were also dragged into the protests after 5000 angry demonstrators stormed the German embassy in the Sudanese capital, burning a car and rubbish bins..In London, 150 protesters marched on the US embassy screaming ‘burn burn USA’ and burnt the American along with the Israeli flag.In the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli police began shooting, killing one man, after a mob set fire to a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise and an American restaurant. Another 25 were wounded in the chaos.In Cairo, Egypt, the mob was kept clear of the local American mission by riot police, instead protesting in Tahrir Square. The Muslim half of Jerusalem witnessed a mob of 400 marching towards the US consulate repelled by police.In Damascus, Syria, a 200-strong crowd demonstrated outside the US embassy – although it was abandoned in February due to of the country’s bloody civil war.In Tehran (Iran), in Baghdad (Iraq), in Jalalabad (Afghanistan), in Istanbul (Turkey), in Bangladesh, in cities across Pakistan, and in Bahrain, protesting crowds limited their anger by raising slogans burning US and Israeli flags                            (

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