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Thursday, 6 September 2012

London Paralympics 2012 Recent Updates

It is day 8 in London Paralympics 2012 in progress and if we see at medals table it seems clear that China is in the winning position till now by winning 64-Gold, 54-Silver and 49-Bronze medals total 167 under belt followed by Russia though legging much behind but having 74-medals in all including 29-Gold, 25-Silver and 20-Bronze. The third member of the party is GBR as it was also in London Olympics-2012 few days ago scoring 26-Gold, 36-Silver and 33-Bronze with total 95 medals in the pocket. In Women’s single wheelchair tennis  Jiske Griffioen  of Netherland won gold, in Men’s Cycling Road  Yegor Dementyev  of Ukraine got gold,in Women's Cycling Road  Sini Zeng  of China claimed gold, in Women's R8-50m Rifle Shooting China’s   Cuiping Zhang  occupied gold,  in Men's Discus Throw  Mohamed Berrahal of  Algeria got gold, in Men's Triple Jump  Denis Gulin of Russia wins gold, in Men's Shot Put China’s   Zhiming Wang   snatches gold and in Women's Discus Throw Chinese Athelete Na Mi  gets gold. These stats clearly depict the domination of China in thes Olympics. Keep reading 

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