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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Violent reaction: ON “Innocence of Muslims”

A Jewish scholar doing his PhD on Islamic studies in Paris has done his Thesis on “What Muslims Love Most in Islam” and his Finding was that the Muslims love their Holy Prophet (PBUH) the most. It is their main obligation as said by Allah and by himself (PBUH) none can be Muslim without his (PBUH) love. Moreover if we claim that Muslims have never done such an humiliating and disgusting action to humiliate any religious community then why it is so that always Muslims to be tortured and disgraced, the previous decades are more significant in this regard. Is this the secularism that you can humiliate anyone? Muslims never did it with any Prophet and any religious Leader. This situation can be very fatal if not stopped at international level and laws should be made and imposed to make the world peaceful and living worthy. The slogan and Moto should be Live and let Live.

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