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Monday, 15 October 2012

A Visit to Salt Factory in a Remote Area

On Sundays it has been a custom among the friends to visit some interesting and informative place for recreation. On this Sunday we happened to pay a visit to Quaid-Aabad for a marriage ceremony and after getting free we decided to visit a Salt-Factory nearby. Hamdani Salt factory was on the road to Rukhla Mandi where Salt-Mines are found in abundance and salt is a major product of that area. The factory as we were told was producing more than 100 different products of salt and most of them were exported to different countries. We also bought some products as I bought a globe of salt. On that road there were many factories of the same kind. For more information visit at:       
You can see some in the following pics :
Psroces of making Salt-Products
In the Formation Process 
A worker is making a Beautiful Masterpiece

Beautiful Decoration Piece of Salt in Process

The unfinished shape of a Salt-Lamp

The Packing Section of Salt Product: Iodized Salt

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