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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Gary Earl Johnson-US Presidency Election 2012

The Libertarian Nominee for US-President Election 2012 is former governor of the New Mexico is basically a businessman. He remained governor of the New Mexico from 1995 to 2003 and is well known for his low-tax Libertarian Policies. He laid foundation of Big J Enterprises in 1976 and raised it to the largest construction company of the New Mexico starting from one person venture. He was nominated for presidential candidacy of Republicans but upon failing to get enough attraction he was excluded from the campaign, but he didn't stopped his campaign and soon announced to be the candidate of Libertarian.  
 It is clear that most American voters have been looking for an alternative Barack Obama and many of them have been seriously disappointed by the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. This is what bringing people to delve into 3rd party candidate. The alternative I found in Gary Johnson. During the time he was governor he became best known for his veto record, which was over 750 vetoes in his time in office, which was more than all the other governors combined and his famous use of the veto pen then earned him the nickname as “Governor Veto.”  In his period he decreased taxes for 14 times while never raising them and due to his low-tax policy when his term was over, New Mexico had become one of only four states in USA which had a balanced budget leaving New Mexico with a billion dollar surplus amount.
He realizes that two party system is not doing much for the country. He is a wonderful speaker and a liberal politician who gives right to women to decide about the pregnancy, he is against the FED, NDDA and Patriot Act. At the same time he is not in favor to give liberty to religious organizations, by stating not to protect these organizations to secure the society. 
But in spite of all he has become the third candidate other than Obama and Romney and gives the third choice to the people. Now it up to the people to decide about the fate of the country. 

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