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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Role of Pak. Media-War against Terrorism

Khawarij the snakes and "helldogs" in Tribal Areas are not just killing innocent people including little girls, but they are also using the people as Human Shields in their fight against Pak army. For example last month, a tragic but heroic act of sacrifice of Pak. Army Pilots went unnoticed in Pakistan as media was never there to report it.

A Gunship Helicopter of Pak. army was shot down and both pilots could not survive (shaheeds). I may let you know what happened actually. Pilots were ordered to attack a Hideout of TTP Khawarij but the pilots were in a fix as they saw that at TTP there was a large number of women and children kept ahead as human shields and it was clear that if the pilots had attacked the Hideout it would have caused great civilian casualties. The brave, patriotic and heroic pilots suddenly decided not to attack but at the same moment they came under heavy fire from the Khawarij who opened fire hiding behind the women and children. The Gunship Helicopter was hit and it was crashed down with both pilots dying deaths of Shaheeds but they did not harm any women and children! Allah-u-Akbar!!!!
But at the same time if we see Malala-Case it is highlighted to the extreme limits neglecting the thousands of causalities taking place on daily basis by Drone-Attacks and terrorist activities and sacrifices done by our great and courageous soldiers.
We love you Pak army. By Allah, we stand with you in war against these helldogs. By Allah, we will eliminate these snakes soon, InshAllah. The media which is always barking against Pak. Army will never acknowledge such soul shaking sacrifices. This accident was publisher latterly on “The Friday Times”


  1. what are you is not completely true bro, as committed to kick thousands of civilians from their houses and they are still living in refugee camps. this is not our war, and those who are killing our brothers and sisters by the order of our enemies, what you think about them ?

    1. every one is at ones stance this is a complex situation to get through but at least we must honour the service rendering organizations Pak. Army is not thet wrong