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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

US Presidency Election and Barack Obama (His Stance on Different Issue)

Barack Obama is current president and Democratic Nominee of US Presidential Elections 2012. He impressed the electorate by two factors change and unity and swept into office in 2008. He had an extraordinary and outspoken political army also aided by the previous president George W. Bush helping and suggesting him throughout his period. But these are not the only factors which were backing him, it will be unfair to give credit to only those factors to make him reach to the highest office, he himself is exceptionally intelligent, articulate and has a very comprehensive approach to political affairs that harkens back to the days of Strom Thurmond, or even, the more contemporary Rudy Giuliani.
However his fame is been steadily decreasing, the 51-years old Obama not dealing with the issues properly is taking shine from his presidency. There were many issues he was dealing such as: Controversial Affordable Care Act, no change in National Employment Rate, his Big-Government Approach, allegations of having relation with Radical Socialist Elements, Debt ceiling battle in Capitol, the Birther Accusation (causing unpleasant racial undertones) and many more issues dealt carelessly or purposely.
But the supporters of Obama claim that this decline in his popularity is due to inherited administrational flaws and Obama is just trying to clean the mess. They say that two unpaid wars, worst economic depression in 80-years history, badly affected National Health Care system, and horrific job market crash were some issues to be dealt and settled.  
On the other hand rehabilitation of Automotive Industry with his Bail-Out Plan, withdrawal of forces from Iraq, Continuation of war in Afghanistan, Aiding three Revolutions in African Countries with effective military approach, Hunting down Osama Bin Laden, creation of number of jobs are some of the proofs of Obama’s useful and effective policies.
The biggest question however is whether he is capable of carving his own charter and way to stabilize the country or not in the presence of Republican-Dominated Congress, and his policies also show his indecisiveness and lack of conviction every now and then under the prevailing socio-economic conditions are a threat to his success in the second term of the presidency. In spite of all there are growing calls for him to stand firm in his ground and fight for the cause of the people who elected him with the useful and effective measures.

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