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Thursday, 4 October 2012

US-Presidency Election-Mitt Romeny (Profile and approach to issues)

The Republican Nominee for President, the former governor of Massachusetts is Willard Mitt Pomney a 65-year old man having a charismatic personality, sharp mind, successful private career and perfect family life is trying to crown his phenomenal career by getting the Highest Office, the office of President of United States of America. But his journey doesn’t seem too easy and smooth as being the former bishop he would have to face great resistance from the GOP Conservatives which is based upon his last five years career.
There are great concerns over his Political Ideology. His greatest strength lies in building consensus from diverging fractions (like Asif Ali Zardari-President of Pakistan), seems to be his weakness too as he always tries to please everyone which produces indecisiveness and weakness in the administrational procedures. His Health Care Reforms 2006 as a steward of Massachusetts also seem a reflection of Obama’s Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).
In the present situation he has chosen a very organized and low-key strategy for the upcoming election 2012. He is trying to remain in the shadow of his rivals and made very few appearances on media for his campaign keeping in mind that how his star shone in 2008 and how quickly the star faded as well. He revealed himself on very few occasion in 2011. He doesn’t like to keep all eggs in a single basket. 
John McCain, the former Republican Nominee and George W. Bush’s advisor states about him” Romney is playing things very methodically and deliberatively. I think he understands the physics of this game very well now and is carefully calibrating his approach to 2012”.
Ultimately as it turned out he is proving to be a brilliant one. After a year’s campaign and criticism he has muscled the process and ran away with the nomination for 2012-President. Along the path he surprisingly and stunningly won the support of almost all of his nomination rivals forecasting his future strategy and maturity as a politician.

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