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Friday, 9 November 2012

Comparison between the Two Terms (208 and 2012)of Obama

In recently held US-Presidential Elections on Nov. 7,2012 are won by Barack Hossain Obama by a reasonable lead over Mitt Romney. Obama got 332 Electoral votes whereas Romney could score 206 votes in contest. The number of popular votes had also remarkable difference as Obama had 61,170,405 and Romney got 58,163,977 in comparison. The chart of states also clarifies their Positions in the elections. The Blue Color is of the states where Obama won and Red Color is for Romney.

   If we compare this present result with his previous one back in 2008 when he defeated John McCain in his first Presidential elections held on Nov. 4, 2008. Obama got 365 Electoral Votes and his rival McCain got only 173 votes in against. The comparison of popular votes is also telling the comparison as Obama had 69,456,897 votes and McCain got 59,934,814 in return. Obama’s % was 52.9 and McCain’s was 45.7 of the total votes cast.
     The stats show that the popularity of Obama has decrease to some extent not only in Electoral Votes but also in Popular votes by comparison. This is due to the policies and social issues matters which has done so but I think this is becoming a custom of USA that the president is to given two terms to prove or sustain his policies as we have been observing in previous two decades or so. On one hand it shows the tolerance and stability of US Democratic System and on other hand it depicts the point that American people have to bear every president for two terms willingly or unwillingly.

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