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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New Term And the Old Issues

No doubt Obama has won the elections by considerable lead by hook or crook but the next term is more challanging and needs more maturity of not only behaviour towards commom man problems but also in policies and approach. At this time the USA’s state-debts are of approximately 16,000 milliards of $, which happens to be the  120% of the US economical efficiency system. That is an unimaginable summ of money. The lawly border for state-debts is by 16.390 milliards of $ fixed clearly depicting that all US. Taxation procedure would be revised  raised up and on the other hand all US. expenses would be lowered and if this is praticed and financial border would be leaped over by the US. Government it will result (by raising of taxes and lowering of expenses) in pushing the US as well as all the world economy in a deep crisis. Obama has to have serious and deep discussion with the Congress for bridging that financial trench.
It is assumed that almost18 millions of US. citizens are jobless as maximum of the US firms and manufacturing units had transfered their factories in cheap-payment-countries.              
The most dangerous problem for Obama is its conflict with the Iran, in lieu of it's Nuclear-programm inspite of all its efforts the US diplomacy has not succede yet to revent an Israelian air-attack against Iranian nuclear power-plants as this prevention is very necessary for not causeing a World War- III.. Another important and burning issue is the US. military engagement in Afghanistan which happens to be  the longest US war-mission in history of US, will be a great problem for Obama. He certainly would’ve to finish the Afghan military mission in order to prevent this land in a totaly chaos.

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  1. There will be no WWIII, since Iran and all potential alies are not strong enough for conflict. Two things, are, I believe, essential. First, Iran should start with reasonable politics, far from extremism. Second, the rest of the world should require that Israel respect all international laws and UN decisions just like any other country.