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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Chinese Latest Drone

China has announced that it will establish 11 Drone Centers by the end of 2015 to strengthen the monitoring of its Coastal Areas ans Sea. The Official Media has reported that China is planning to use Drone Technology not only for Defense Purpose but also for checking smuggling of drugs, traffic incidents and Rescue Activities. In a recent Air Show China has exhibited the latest model of an auto-plane without pilot and has started selling these planes (drones) to other countries. These drones are very cheap as compared to American-Drones. American Defense Council has reported that Chinese increasing budget and interest in Defense Sector and its latest research could be alarming for American Drone Technology and a threat to this technology.


  1. Best of luck China...

  2. Not that I like US politics, but I'm afraid that China might be even worse in the position of the strongest military power in the world.

  3. China is also known as the "sleeping giant"