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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Affect of Iron Dome

 Being the 10th great Armed Forces Israel claims to be undestroyable but Palistinian Freedom Fighters arenevertheless too. Israel has established an Anti-Missiles Defense System named as “Iron Dome” to prevent the Missile and Rockets attacks to the Israeli Cities done from the Gaza Region. This latest system costs millions of dollors. Israeli government claims that this system has the ability to destroy 90 percent of the Palistinian Missils and Rockets before hitting the target. But reports of Israeli Media and Zionic Army show that success of “Iron Dome” is not of much level. An Arabian Website has declared that this system has proved unsuccessful in blocking the militant attacks. It has destroyed only 54 percent of the attacks. This system in not capable of the more. A Jewish Journalist made live coverage of the system. He was standing near the system. Pointing towards the system he made lot of praises for the system. At the same time the there was the sound of the siron of the system and the next moment a Anti-Rocket Missile was fired from “Iron Doom Battery”. But inspite of blocking Palistinian Rocket in the air it hit the ground and the show was seen by many on the media. In the first 6 days Palistinian Freedom Fighters fired  850 Rockets and only 310 were destroyed successfully which are only 36 percent of the attacks