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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The War always Costs

Recent attacks at Gaza have not only brought difficulties for Palestinian People but also has affected Israel itself too. On one hand this war has brought fear and feelings of insecurity among its citizens and on the other hand it is a financial burden on the state. According to the official statistics about 40 million dollars are being wasted daily on this war. Half of this amount is being spent on a Missile Shield “ Iron Dome” to prevent the Palistinain Rocket Attacks. This shield hasn't proved its worth yet. Palestinian Militant Wing “Al-Qassaam” produces “Al-Qassaam” Rockets not more than 100 dollars a rocket locally whereas its stoppage costs Israel more than hundred times. The most expensive rocket costs “Al-Qassam Brigade” almost 1100 dollars and Israel spends millions of dollars to destroy them. According to a report about 200 million dollars are spent on the establishment of one shield and the zionic army has established 6 Anti-Missile Shields till now. Along with these shields according to Israeli Media, Israel has deployed 40,000 reserve force in Gaza against “AL-Hammas” costing 7,60,000 dollars daily. The Drone Attacks are also a powerful weapon of Israel costing 1500 dollars for only one hour and other war-planes are costing 15,000 dollars per hour. In a nutshell this war is not only affecting Palestinian but also destroying Israel morally and financially as well. International Community should take some serious steps to settle this dispute by bilateral-Discussion for the betterment of the both to secure the peace in the region.
History Background of the Conflict of Israel
If we look at the background of the fight between Israel and Palestine which is going on for several years. It started even before the establishment of Israel into a modern state. If we go back in 1920, the City of Jerusalem was placed under a International Regime to be ruled by Great Britain but in 1947 Palestine was partitioned into two different independent states, the Jewish and the Arab state. The Jews were excited to be back in their home-land but at the same time the Arabs viewed this as "an act of betrayal by the international community that surrendered an integral part of the Arab world to foreign invaders". Soon after Israel was left to be governed by the Jews without international help and the Arab world being against the formation of this Jewish state started military action against Jewish state known as the Three Year War. This was the worst armed confrontation in the middle east since the Ottoman Empire was destroyed and since then the area is in a serious state of struggle and military confrontation.


  1. Only solution is that majority of people on both side support tolerance and integration. The first steps - many of these - should be done by Israel.