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Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Beautiful place of Azad Kashmir ,Pakistan

- photo by; Tallha Sarwar
(my Friend)


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    1. Hi Raymon,
      How are you?I'm so glad u visited me here on my blog,I'm grateful too for liking my photos especially this .
      I myself is astonished when my friend shared me this Beautiful pic.,I am a nature lover,i love hiking and adventures too especially when i was young .We do hiking as part of our training too in my Judo Karate Class.
      How about you? please share some too ,i'd be very eager to hear.
      Thank you so much Raymond.
      . . ..Always,

    2. Hi Kristina, I don't know if you will receive this message because it's new for me on this page. I went for a 4 kilometer walk before supper, I am Learning right now a new Gosple song and I'm very satisfied of my progress. it's always a pleasure to have news from you. Raymond.

    3. U can leave all your messages here, i get notified dn't worry.
      I am glad to hear that u walk that far ,i suggest u to try to walk backwards too, it s very good for u but u have to do it slowly.It's summer time so please dn't forget a bottle of water with u
      - Kristina

    4. Hi Kristina, now I know that you receive my messages on this page, thank you to remind me to walk backwards, I do it once an a while but sometimes I forget.


    5. Bonjour Raymond,i hope u had a lovely day,U can also browse my pages and leave your comments here.i would b glad to reply 'em.Share also your ideas and interests.Thank you.

    6. Bonjour Kristine, I couldn't make my 4 kilometer walk this evening, I got cut in the rain, I had to walk by home, I will go tomorrow morning, the weather will be nice tomorrow, my day was fine, I did exercises in the park just across the street before noon, I made a music practice this afternoon on my balcony, this evening I made a vegetable juice with beet, romance lettuce,carrots, cucumber and Ginger. Now I'm gonna have a light supper before going to bed. Enjoy a nice wednesday. Kind regards,


    7. Hi Raymond, u know here in Hongkong, we have the Inter Chinese Martial Arts also known as Tai chi practiced for both defense training and it's benefits.They do it in very slow motion.They have a group and a leader too.Please join some groups or community where u can gather or meet them ,or maybe u can sing for them.Do you have pets at home?

    8. Hi Kristina, I took some courses in Tai Chi, I Practiced Yoga for many years before I had an accident on my left wrist. I still practice some Yoga exercises, I may join a group in Tai Chi, it is some slow movements which is very beneficial. it's a beautiful morning, I'm going for a walk to start my day, many people do their exercises, it's motivating.
      No I don't have pets at home, I love rabbits. Good night, have pleasant dreams!


    9. Bonjour Raymond,
      I am very much impressed knowing that you had Tai Chi and yoga courses.Seems u are very energetic person, though time flies Raymond keep it up.You've mentioned about your accident: i hope had good treatments and doing normal now.
      Please share me good stories about
      your place .
      waiting, -Kristina.