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Saturday, 28 November 2015


Please love you self,
My daughter wrote
As we chatted away
About my upcoming trip
And yet my tears spilled over
As i bared my heart
To my 16 year old daughter(Kristine)
The joy of my life
The light of my eyes
The reason...
The reason i go an with my life
It's for her
I try to survive
And push on
For she still needs me

And she wrote
You need to apreciate yourself more mama
I can't imagine my life without you
Just thinking about my life without you in it
Just makes me wanna break down
She knew all my reasons
And yet she asked
Desperate to pull me out
To help me see the light
To remind me of who i was
Who still i am
And i soothed and comforted her
Knowing she'd worry
Her Daddy away
Yet she was the strong one
Mothering me
A shoulder to cry on

And after the tears those words of hers brought
I thanked her for loving me....
And she wrote
I can't help it.You're amazing..
You just need to give yourself a chance
Come home mama we'll have so much fun

And i smiled through my tears
Grateful for the Blessing I have in her
And my heart decided
Once more
Once more
For a little while longer
To fight the good fight
To survive
To let the Dreamer mama she knew
Come to life
The one all her friends loved
And said "was sooo cool"
That mama
That woman
I'd ask her to go on

And to try

To love her self.....

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