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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Internet-World is not Safe anymore

War between Good and Evil is unstoppable it is since beginning and will last forever. This is also applicable in internet-world also. At first there was no threat to this world but the Satan has also established his kingdom here too. The satanic computer experts have devised such fatal and Malware softwares which destroy not only other software but even damage the Hard Disc. Antivirus software were created to stop them. These programs try to stop the millions of these wondering Malwares into your computer like Virus, Trugen, Spy etc. but the demons haven’t given up they are trying to create such programs which could spy on your computer and steal important data the experts of America and Israel are forerunners in this walk by creating such programs which are capable of destroying even the machines attached to the computer. According to a research in 2003 a computer encountered a virus after 40minutes it was turned on but now-a-days it faces a virus just after 5 to 15minutes as it is connected to internet. Only way to avoid them is to keep your computer away from internet since antivirus programs only show reaction but do not immune your computer.  

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