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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Working of Antivirus Program

 Every soft-ware has its own identity sign called “Signature” and they are classified in two groups as “Black List programs” containing 94,000,000 programs and “White list programs” having 300,000,000 soft-wares according to their nature and working. All antivirus programs depend upon these lists for operation. Installed antivirus acts after checking the signature list. If the program belongs to Black List it is readily stopped otherwise lets it run. If antivirus is created by Kaspersky, Norton or Macfe company it sends copy of new soft-ware to the company-server where its list, nature, working and destination is analyzed and then its solution is found and sent to all consumers that’s why it is necessary to update it so that it could detect the new fatal program.  Stuxnet , FLAME and DOCO are such dangerous programs by genius experts of  America and Israel which carry signatures of White List program. For this reason they are not detected even by latest antivirus soft-wares and are capable of destroying targeted computers and machines attached to the computers.

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