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Friday, 24 August 2012

Operation Olympic Games

In 2006 when Iran-Europe dialogues proved unsuccessful Iran started it’s Centrifuge-Centre in Natanz which was an alarming condition for Israel and America. Israel wanted to attack the centre but American army stopped them and suggested to destroy the centre by virus. President Bush after little hesitation approved the mission named “Operation-Olympic-Games”. General James Cart established first Cyber-Operation-Unit in America for this mission which in collaboration with NSA (National Security Agency) and 8200-Cyber-Unit of Israel started this tough task. With the joint-effort a spy-program “Beacon” was created. Now the next step was to enter it in industrial-computers (300-7S of Simons, Germany) of the centre to find out their working. Perhaps by some Iranian traitor this job was done. Due to computer-networking the program spread in all the computers and the desired information were collected which helped the team to create “Stuxnet” the most dangerous virus. This virus was tested on P-1 Centrifuge machine got from Libya after they had ceased their Atomic-Program in 2003 as Iran had the same machines. The test was successful. This virus was designed to control the machine first and then destroy it. In late 2008 it was entered in the computers of  Natanz-centre by USB. Two website-servers were established in Denmark and Malaysia to control and update “Stuxnet”. It was programmed to destroy every machine with different technique so that Iranians could not guess the situation. At last it destroyed centrifuge showing everything all right on computer-screen and damaging inwardly. Iranian thought it to be the workers fault or use of mal-standard  machine parts. Some workers were also fired in this regard.

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