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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It Began So

On July 27 The Opening Ceremony in Olympic-Stadium was well-lighted, astonishing and dramatic too. It had abundance of memorable moments. But when the lamp was lighted it created such a magical scene which will be remembered for years. In this ceremony along with England-Queen many international figures were also present. About 95 government officials of different countries participated. Russian President and American First Lady were centre of attraction. Famous characters like James Bond and Mr. Bean were also seen in this illuminated night. Different eras of Britain history were dramatized with elegance and grip. Starting with village-culture later converted into description of Industrial-Revolution. Inaugural was done by ringing Europe’s largest bell. 27million pounds were spent on this memorable presentation of Director Danny Boyle. Though some critics say that this ceremony doesn’t have comparison with the one done in Beijing Olympics yet the number of audience, its effects and by the capacity point of view more people declare this ceremony unforgettable effort. The truth is that it has left lasting effects on the minds of spectators.

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