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Monday, 20 August 2012

The Defenders of Internet-World

In 1989 a 24year Russian Computer Expert Eugene encountered "Cascade" a super-ski virus. He was then an intelligence Officer in Russian-Army. In 1990 he left army for full time research on Virus-Programmes. He created an AVP-Anti-Virus Programme for a Russian-Computer-Company. In 1997 he established an anti-Virus company Kaspersky Lab the world's 4th largest Anti-Virus company. He was basically of the mind that internet was created for American Army and Scientists then it was opened for the public but still its command is in the hands of  American Army. The Head-Office of the company is in Moscow. the team working there is named as GREAT(Global Research and Expert Analysis Team) which keeps an eye on such programmes and finding their solutions. Iran, Syria, North-Korea,and China are taking advantage of this company. He thinks that the undue freedom on internet has let Sticks-Net and and Flame like Programmes intrude. on the other hand his opponents blame him as an agent of Russia-China block and think that he is supporting these nations to control the Internet-World and subdue its freedom