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Friday, 14 September 2012

American Embassy Burnt-An Alarming Situation

As seen few days ago people protesting against some “movie” hurting Muslim Community’s religious beliefs has struck badly all over the world. Muslims in these days are much frustrated all over the world like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Libya etc. and they have been humiliated in every manner by the other Religious Communities that had never been sited before. The present day situations have put them on fire to me they are like an undiffused bomb on the road. International community is not considering much about it which could be very fatal for all of us. Burning a country’s Embassy is an alarm to the upcoming worst crises. Embassy is the place owned by that country according to Political Rules and burning especially American’s Embassy tells the whole story. It should be taken as serious as possible to put the world to the peace-track and abandon the terrorism against terrorism policy owned by the so called modern world. Four people burnt depict anger against Americans. We hope that this matter will be handled carefully and tactfully in order to make the situation better and peaceful. Another thing freedom doesn’t mean teasing someone and why it is necessary to select the controversial topic where thousands of more  topics are more considerable.

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