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Saturday, 15 September 2012

NLC-Scandal Kiani to take Serious Steps

In February 2009 PAC (Public Accounts Committee) in its Draft Paragraph-214 has described that NLC-Officials are found to be violating the Board of Governors rules and regulations by investing in Unlisted Companies in Stock Exchange which later was investigated by an Investigation Committee formed by Secretary Planning and Developing Division has finished the case and the report was put forward on January 2010 for further action. This was the first time in the history of Pakistan that Retired Army officers are also put under investigation. Parvaiz  Kiani has strictly stated that the action will  be taken according to the Army Act and none will be spared. The accused officers have been deprived of their allowances and incomes till the trial goes on. A change can be sensed cleanly in army’s stance never been felt before.  Long live Army but the country is more important as if there is no country whom they will defend and misuse.  Mr. Kiani we are with you.

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