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Saturday, 29 September 2012

An Uphill for India in Super Eight

India after getting defeated by Australia is now planning to get Pakistan as it is a crucial match for their survival. If India loses this match too it will get out of the next level (Semi-Final). So they will try their level best to defeat Pakistan on 30 September to retain their presence in ICC T20  2012. It is a test for Indian team to prove their metal. Dhooni must concentrate on his bowling section which is not properly functioning in the tournament. Best wishes for both the teams as they are confronting each other after 5 years in twenty 20 formate of cricket. Surely the match is going to be a nail-biting competition between the two rivals.


  1. i think we should pray for our team just.

  2. Bhae g asal main unki weakness hamari strength hay. The other side of the picture dear


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