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Sunday, 30 September 2012

US Election 2012-A Review about the Contestants

The upcoming US Election 2012 for President Election is going to be held traditionally on Tuesday, November, 6, 2012. Presently incumbent President Barack Obama is having a campaign for his second and last term for US Presidential Election. By number it is going to be 57th quadrennial Presidential Election. The Presidential Electors will officially elect their President and Vice-President on December 17, 2012 as it has been traditionally done on the date. As elaborated in the US-Constitution that along with Presidential Election 2012 there will be re-election for the one-third of the Senators i.e. for 33 Class-1 seats and also  biennially election for House of Representatives for 113th Congress of United States. Moreover more than eleven Gubernatorial and Legislature’s elections are going to be held this year seems a complicated Electoral System yet holding American Political System for many years. There has been no question that “When is the US Election” because US Election date has been already traditionally set and no need to express or state. US Presidential race 2012 has already started for the next term and the proof is Obama Speech on 6 September, 2012. The main contestants in this elections are Barack Obama the present President and the his major rivals are Mitt Romney (Republican) the former Massachusetts Governor, Gary Johnson (Libertarian) the former New-Mexico Governor and Jill Stein (Green Party). All of the above have attained sufficient ballot access to win the election  by majority. 

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